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In 2009, owner Jean – Pierre (JP) Quickelberge started Wine Q & A to give a “home” to 2 wine labels he created at the start of his life journey with wine.The one label was called Red Lorry and the other Yellow Lorry. From there JP delved more and more into the vast beauty of the South African wine industry and with that curiosity Wine Q & A grew into the company it is today. Now Wine Q & A is a one stop shop for all current and new clients, whether Private or business, national or international.

From a young age JP was intrigued by the wine and distilling industry. His passion for the South African wine industry grew and became an obsession to learn more about this wine rich country of ours and what it has to offer. According to JP the best way to develop a wine passion is to – search for the wine you like, be inquisitive in what you drink, taste, taste and taste some more.