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Bella de la Tour – Marc (Grappa)

Bella de la Tour is a Marc, the French equivalent to Italian grappa. Both varietals are distilled from estate grape husk that was gently basked pressed to ensure maximum fruit flavors and aromas. Due to the basket pressing proses, the husk retained a massive juice content, which allowed for a triple distilling process that ensures a velvety smooth follow thru on the pallet without loosing the big fruit characteristics of the Marc.

Marc de Pinotage le Café

This is first coffee style Pinotage Marc (grappa) in the word. Rich dark chocolate and Turkish delight on the nose with some roasted coffee bean undertones. Recommended with: Cappuccino

Marc de Pinotag Reserve

This is a traditional Marc (grappa) with dark berry and smoky oak undertones. Recommended with: Espresso

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